This page links to various resources for freethinkers at Virginia Tech and in the Blacksburg community.

Local and regional freethought organizations

Secular Humanists of Roanoke (SHOR) (meetup)

Lynchburg Area Secular Humanists (LASH) (meetup)

Southern Virginia Atheists (meetup)

Southeastern Collegiate Atheist Alliance (SECAA) (also on Facebook)

Virginias/DC Secular Student Network (also on Facebook)

Our collaborators on campus

Many of our events are sponsored, organized, or hosted in collaboration with other campus or local organizations. The organizations below have worked with us in the past, and we hope to work with them again in the future! (Free@VT does not necessarily endorse the viewpoints of our collaborators.)

Polyamory at Virginia Tech is an open forum for alternative relationship models at Virginia Tech where Hokies can ask, learn, chat, and share about polyamory! While “polyamory” in the narrow sense involves committed relationships among more than two people, we support ethical sluttery, open coupling, relationship anarchy, cuddles, kink, monogamy, and generally all manner of freely chosen relationship models.

Womanspace focuses on the empowerment of women and girls. We are dedicated to raising awareness of women’s concerns on and around campus and around the town of Blacksburg. We also focus on creating a venue for the expression of feminist perspectives. The group strives to foster dialogue on issues related to gender and equality. Womanspace is guided by the efforts of women and men who want to create positive social change.

Issues and appearances

We pay close attention to ongoing political, social, ecological, and other issues, and if one piques our interest we may investigate more carefully or get involved. Here are some resources we’ve compiled related to goings-on in our area.

The Giles County Ten Commandments saga follows the highly publicized legal dispute that stemmed from the Giles County School Board’s decision to place framed displays of the Ten Commandments in their public schools. The displays were placed in 1999, to be legally challenged by the Freedom From Religion Foundation in 2010, which culminated in 2012 with a settlement in which the decalogue was replaced by an illustration from a textbook.

Our appearances in various local and international media are collected below. (Authors are identified who are or were Free@VT members.) These may eventually become their own separate page…if we remain as active as we’ve been recently! Note: The Roanoke Times recently redesigned their website and content from the old site is still being transferred to the new. The links below may not work for some time; if you find that working links are available but not used below, please let us know!